“The State of the Union: The President, The Loyal Opposition, and The Other Loyal Opposition!”

It’s time to Break It Down!

Last night, President Obama delivered his 5th State of the Union Address; the 1st of his second term.  The moment was pregnant with pomp, pageantry, and historical significance.

Whenever the President takes the stage, steps to the podium, or takes the mic, there are elements of pomp and pageantry.  That this President won election in the first place; secured a second term, and then delivered his 5th address defining the status of our nation is a sequence of events of such momentous historic significance that any and all of the elements would have been considered improbable 5 years ago.  Moreover, in the face of high unemployment and an incredibly motivated opposition, President Obama’s re-election was considered unlikely as recently as a year ago.  So, historic; you bet!

But the history that leapt out at me does not involve President Obama.  It does not apply to the specific tenets raised during the President’s speech, or to Mrs. Obama’s guests.  It doesn’t even apply to former Rocker Ted Nugent attending the function.  Nugent, as you may recall, asserted last summer that if President Obama were re-elected, he (Nugent) would be dead or in jail by that time next year.  Mr. Nugent is the invited guest of Rep. Steve Stockman, Texas.

It is customary for the Republican Party to provide a counterpoint response whenever the Presidentmakes a formal speech.  Last night, the Republican Party inadvertently paid President Obama the ultimate compliment.  Oh, they will never concede the point, or call it that; but the fact of the matter is, by choosing to provide, instead of the traditional Republican Response, two responses, the GOP made several statements, including:

  • They conceded the Republican Party is substantially split, and does not trust its leadership to represent “the Party as a whole.”
  • They demonstrated that the Tea Party Movement (which both of the GOP candidate respondents represented) is apparently split among itself.
  • Their actions showed the President’s convincing win in November among numerous voting blocs, including, women, people of color, Latinos, Asians, and youth, has Republicans shaken to the core.
  • Their reaction served as an admission that the President’s articulation of values,   e.g., investing to grow and strengthen the middle class, a fair tax     system, an affordable and excellent education, and a belief that we are most prosperous when we pursue policies that demonstrate we are all in it together was a winner; their own tactics and designs, not so much.
  • Big ups, Mr. President!

On one hand, in deciding to offer up both Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul, junior Senators from Florida and Kentucky, respectively, as the voices of the loyal, but apparently split opposition, the Republican tag team gave the GOP twice the usual array of options to effectively respond to the President.  In as much as both men have shown early indications of being interested in positioning themselves as potential candidates for President in 2016, their responses served as preliminary auditions for the GOP top spot.

Of course alternately, the whole thing reminded of one of the Newhart episodes that featured, Larry, his brother Darryl…and his other brother Darryl.  Seriously funny stuff; but I digress.  That’s about all there is to say about, “The State of the Union:The President, The Loyal Opposition, and The Other Loyal Opposition!”

I’m done; holla back!

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