Sergio Got a Little “Fuzzy!”

It’s time to Break It Down!

It has taken a few years, 16 to be exact, if you’re counting, but, at a recent European Tour Gala, golfer Sergio Garcia, did his finest impression of Fuzzy Zoeller’s erstwhile 1997 culinary remarks. Just to reset and remind you of that time, back in the 20th Century, “The Fuzz” made his now infamous remarks after Tiger Woods first major, The Masters. In framing his response to Woods historic victory, Zoeller said:

“That little boy is driving well and he’s putting well. He’s doing everything it takes to win. So, you know what you guys do when he gets in here? You pat him on the back and say congratulations and enjoy it and tell him not serve fried chicken next year. Got it? Or collard greens or whatever the hell they serve.”

So, fast-forward more than a decade and a half. Apparently, when given a slow soft ball of a question, Tiger’s current day foil just could not help himself. At the aforementioned European Gala, a media representative asked Sergio if he would have Woods over for dinner during the upcoming U.S. Open. His reply:

“We will have him round every night,” García said. “We will serve fried chicken.”

It sounds as though the recession may still be on Sergio’s mind. Presumably as a budget cutting measure, he did not offer up any greens.

Sergio and Tiger have had their share of dust-ups. In those encounters, Tiger has pretty much had his way on the links. In the most recent field of play exchange, about a week and a half ago at the Players Championship, Sergio accused Tiger of inciting the gallery to cheer by removing a club from his golf bag as he (Sergio) was into his swing. This, he added, provoked his worst shot of the day.

Tiger insisted he did no such thing; adding that “The marshal said he already hit and I pulled out the 5-wood and hit.”

By the way, Tiger won the Tournament and regained the ranking of Number 1 in the world; Sergio finished the Tourney tied for 8th, after having been tied with Tiger for the lead with two holes to play.

Moreover, in case you are keeping track, or in case you want to, Tiger is continuing to amass big numbers. Here is a quick FYI review of Tiger, by the numbers:

•4: Victories in 2013 (Earliest Tiger has reached 4 wins in a season)
•7: Victories in his last 21 PGA Tour stroke-play events
•52 of 56: Times Tiger has won when having at least a share of the lead after 54 holes
•78: Career PGA Tour Victories Sam Snead leads with 82
•300: PGA starts (including as an amateur) Woods also won his 100th and 200th PGA starts
•$5,849,600: Official PGA earnings in 2013
•$106,800,300: Official career PGA Tour earnings

The media may make a lot of this recent gaffe by Garcia. It was clearly an ill-conceived effort to be funny, on his part, or at-least to be a smart-a..! He did apologize. I guess his PR machinery kicked in.

Numerous reports insist that Zoeller regrets his remarks to this day…and he should. Garcia, who has admitted he and Tiger do not get along, should regret his too. Whether he does, in reality, we will see. Given the nature of their relationship, there is ample room for doubt. There is, however, one thing about which, the rest of us can be clear: Sergio Got a Little “Fuzzy!”

I’m done; holla back!

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