Do You Really Care?

It’s time to Break It Down!

I mean, do you…really?

The great “Miley Twerkscaprice has become all the rage over the past couple of days.  The long and mostly short of it is Miley Cyrus performed a duet with Robin Thicke, in the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s) Sunday night.  Mr. Thicke currently has his own issues, of course.  Reference his lawsuit againstthe family of Marvin Gaye.  However, that is a conversation for another time; maybe even another forum.

Ms. Cyrus, a former child star rose to fame in her role as Disney’s Hannah Montana.  Born Destiny Hope Cyrus (that’s Miley to you), Country Music singer Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter Twerked her way into the latest media frenzy during her rambunctious performance Sunday night.  The media has hardly been able to contain itself in rendering critiques, mostly negative, about young Ms. Cyrus’ antics.  It seems the sexually explicit nature of the Country Music scion’s act drove many to near apoplexy.

Twerking is the name of the dance, which she was not particularly good at, by the way.  In the rare event you do not know what it is, check Google, Bing, Urban Dictionary, Twitter, Vine, FaceBook, or some other search engine or social networking tool.  It is a well-documented contemporary art form.  More over, if you ever watched videos of Islanders (Jamaicans, Barbadians, Trinidadians, etc.) dancing, chances are you have seen the precursor to today’s Twerking.

Some folks have speculated that Miley’s father must be mortified, and is off hiding in some dark corner.  That may be the case, but I have my doubts.  Instead, I imagine Ol’ Billy Ray, Lil’ Miley, and every other member of the Cyrus Clan are all somewhere jauntily monitoring the trending Twitter feed, and contemplating the many ways to monetize this latest faux furor.

Want real news?

  1. Egyptian General     Abdul Fatah al-Sisi removed President Mohamed Morsi in a coup & Syrian     President Bashar al-Assad is     gassing his countrymen
  2. The Obama Administration is readying war-making     apparatus in response to Assad
  3. The NSA has been spying on Americans…since 1983
  4. George Zimmerman is seeking reimbursement of     court costs from the State of Florida
  5. North       Carolina     is bringing back Jim Crow era voting policies
  6. The GOP is threatening to shut down the United States     government
  7. Today is the 50th Anniversary of the     March on Washington!

Now tell me, “Do You Really Care about Miley’s Twerking?” 

I’m done; holla back!

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