Nine Years Old: A Ninja in Training?

It’s time to Break It Down!

What the L?

Last weeks post was short.  This week’s is even briefer. defines Ninja as:

“A member of a feudal Japanese society of mercenary agents, highly trained in martial arts and stealth (ninjutsu) that were hired for covert purposes ranging from espionage to sabotage and assassination.

OK, so the 9 year-old who covertly and stealthily, hopped a plane and flew from Minneapolis to Las Vegas did not also use karate, commit espionage and/or assassinate anyone…yet…that we know of!  However, let’s face it; the kid has an evolved sense of flirting with high-risk behaviors and situations, and the skill set and ‘nads to pull it off.  Where was the NSA, and for God’s sake in this instance anyway, where was the TSA, when we needed them?

Let’s review quickly.  The young man, who is quickly developing a bucket list of nefarious feats, also has crashing a Water Park, and auto theft listed on the notches he has carved on his small but impressive belt.  He boarded a flight and flew from Minneapolis to Vegas…without an escort, and more significantly, sans ticket.  This must be a new low for both the TSA and Delta Airlines.  Regardless of whether this kid is building credits as he auditions for the lead role in the James Bond flick, in say, 2044, when he will be like 40, his caprice cannot be overlooked as we soberly consider targets of opportunity for potential terrorists attacks.  The basis for alarm should be clear.

In describing his precocious scion, the young man’s father said, “I don’t have an angel, OK. I have a 9-year-old.  To me, he’s got a behavioral problem”

No schiznit!  Little is more evident than that an angel, this young man is not, and yes, his behavior is problematic.  Alternately, I am unconvinced that he 9 years old.  Can we get Mr. Trump to dredge up his Birth Certificate?  I for one would feel better if The Donald affirmed that for us.

In other pertinent developments, a Hennepin County (Minneapolis) Public Health official described the boy as “a challenging child.”  His mother works at the Minneapolis-St. Paul  International Airport.  Though the parents say they thought he was visiting a neighbor, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that there is an investigation into whether his mother helped him.  In related news, the TSA employee whom the young man eluded to board the plane was said to be “distracted.”

Undoubtedly, there are many questions, still unanswered, surrounding this matter.  The only one I have is; is this kid “Nine Years Old: A Ninja in Training?”

I’m done; holla back!

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