The N____r in the White House

It’s time to Break It Down!

In July edition of The WestView NewsJames Lincoln Collier wrote a piece he calls “THE NIGGER IN THE WHITE HOUSE.”  I used all caps, not to scream at you the reader, but because that is how the title appears in the heading.  Often, titles are not the purview of the writer, but some editor.  In this particular instance, that is not the case.  Collier successfully fought to get the title he wanted.

Mr. Collier suggested this topic to the editorial staff of the paper.  He was initially rejected.  But he persevered, and eventually he won out because, among other things, he pointed the New York Times refuses to use the N-word.  Good, bad, or indifferent, that was the Jedi Mind Trick that proved crucial in getting the title Collier wanted in print.

To take the edge off this post, I will reveal a few things up front:

  • The WestView News, a monthly publication, is a liberal voice
  • The story that follows the headline is pro-Obama
  • Alvin Hall wrote a column appearing on the same page, entitled, “The Headline Offends Me”

Upon seeing the headline, at first blush, one might be inclined to think, with friends like this, who needs enemies.  Yet, the gist of the column suggests that a significant portion of the resistance that President Obama receives is due to racism.  Mr. Collier cites the recent defeat of Congressman Eric Cantor as evidence of this contemporary racism, thinly veiled by the veneer of politics.  In Mr. Cantor’s case, Collier argues among other things, Cantor had taken a position on Immigration that allowed his opponent to tie him too closely to the President, which ultimately was enough to leverage a stunning defeat of the House Majority Leader.

We live in a highly competitive media savvy age.  An age in which it is fairly common for media outlets to resort to using unconventional means to attract viewers, newspaper sales, Internet clicks, and so forth.  While I find the article interesting enough, it was not a particularly exhaustive treatment to a complex and highly volatile issue.  When Don Lemon of CNN challenged Mr. Collier for not referencing or explaining his use of the word “Nigger” in the article, Collier noted that he bore no onus for people not reading the entire article in order to glean the connection between the title and the meat of the story.  He went on to say that it was not everyday that CNN called him to discuss something he’d written.

Bingo!  Therein lies the rub.  Mr. Collier apparently did not feel compelled to labor under the burden of establishing the nexus between his title and the subsequent assertion that a substantial number of persons who oppose the President do so because of racial animus.  That may indeed be the case.  However, the writer seemed satisfied to have garnered a fleeting, Warhol coined, 15 minutes of fame.

Lacking a stream of evidence, Mr. Collier’s story fails to discernibly move the dial in a prove-it-to-me world.  I believe the premise holds merit.  Moreover, there is a variety of readily available evidence to support the argument.  Some of that evidence includes, but is by no means limited to the 25 examples that follow:

  1. ·      Don’t Re-Nig Bumper Sticker
  2. ·      The Birther Claim
  3. ·      The Muslim Issue
  4. ·      Kenyan Depiction
  5. ·      African Tribal Chief Obama likeness
  6. ·      New Hampshire Police Commissioner Racist Obama Rant
  7. ·      Phoenix Protesters sing Bye-Bye Black Sheep/
  8. ·      Impeach the half-white Muslim
  9. ·      California GOP claims that Food stamps would become “Obama Bucks”
  10. ·      Assassination Threats
  11. ·      African Witch Doctor w/Bone in Nose
  12. ·      Limbaugh/Beck – Healthcare Act = Reparations
  13. ·      Healthcare Legislation will lead to Affirmative Action
  14. ·      Impeachment drive challenging President’s citizenship
  15. ·      Welfare President
  16. ·      Food stamp President
  17. ·      Rodeo Clown/Obama likeness run down by bull
  18. ·      Kenyan Go Home placards
  19. ·      Nigger President threat
  20. ·      47 Percent Negro
  21. ·      Voter ID legislation to counteract the minority vote
  22. ·      Voter roll purges
  23. ·      Voiding key provisions of the Voting Rights Act
  24. ·      Jimmy Carter: “An overwhelming portion of those opposing President Obama’s policies are racist”
  25. ·      Colin Powell: “There is still a dark vein of intolerance in the GOP”

There are many Americans who reject the fact that racism still exists in this country.  Many of those same individuals point to President Obama’s election as the reason why such claims are null and void.  They argue that the vast majority of people who oppose President Obama and his policies do so because they want less, not more government, or some similar high-minded ideological ideal.  Undoubtedly, some really do believe that’s true.

In the mean time, they conveniently overlook, or just flat deny the existence of the numerated items above…and many more.  That friends, is why they say, “The Nile (denial) is much more than a river.

In summation, this story could have been so much more.  But In the end, Mr. Collier’s column, “The N____r in the White House,” will likely be remembered as the story that wasn’t…if, it is remembered at all.

I’m done; holla back!

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