President Obama Stumbles: Haters Rue Missed Opportunity!

Its’s Time to Break It Down!

The last six and one-quarter years have presented an incredibly fascinating study in the execution of democracy, American style. As a nation, we elected the country’s first African American President…twice. In that regard, we are living in historic times. On its face, it would seem this is a feat our entire nation could reflect upon, take stock of, and bask in an enduring pride of our having, as the late Neil Armstrong might said, collectively taken “One small step for man; one giant step for mankind.”

Undoubtedly, there are those who feel that way. Many, however, do not. It’s not difficult to foster a spirited debate among Americans about the basis for this lack of unanimity regarding our history-making venture. On one side you have the proponents of the notion that President Obama’s policies are so egregious, malevolent, and anti-American, that it is imperative to oppose his “every action,” in a Machiavellian, the end justifies the means kind of way. Alternately, there is a view that much, if not most of the enmity people direct toward President Obama stems from one simple root…race.

There are countless examples of a virulent strain of hate against this President, constantly on display. In today’s post, I will cite just one. On this past Sunday, after returning from a trip to Florida, President Obama slipped and nearly fell, while exiting Air Force One (AF-1). Extra emphasis on “nearly fell.” Upon reading a couple of entries addressing this story, I wondered what in the world the reaction might have been, had he actually fallen.

Then I came across a particular article, complete with one of those comments afterward sections. I confess I have heard any number of mean, hateful, and derogatory comments, aimed at President Obama during his tenure in Office. Some actually were tied to his policy initiatives or positions, such as the Affordable Care Act, immigration reform, or equitable access to justice (or the lack thereof). But I recently came across a pretty amazing screed, the source of which was the President’s mere exiting a plane.

As noted previously, President Obama slipped as he exited AF-1. Being the dexterously athletic individual he is, not surprisingly, he caught himself, and quickly regained his balance. If this had happened to anyone of us, we’d undoubtedly been relieved because we avoided further embarrassment, not to mention injury. I’m sure Mr. Obama was too. But oh did his haters have a field day?

Here’s a sampling of the comments pulled from a few “comment sections, beginning with World Net Daily:”

Right2Bear: Too bad he didn’t…….Never Mind


Christian1897: Too bad he didn’t break his traitor neck.

Countryflowers: Too bad he didn’t break his neck.

SoonerMD: Please tell me that his writing hand was broken beyond repair!

John Cross: Too bad he didn’t……” DIE There, I said it.

At The Blaze, it is the same story — a flood of “loving” and “Christian” conservatives wishing harm on the President of our nation:

Bioya: Gravity is racist. Missed Opportunity.

WorldWideWalker: Doggone it! And it was from the top step too!

Conservativearin: Darn it, fate foiled by a stair rail.

Zipit: A Presidential “Face Plant” would have been an inspiration to our country!

Libh8ter: I have been hoping to see him fall down that flight of stairs. He has always exited the plaine, not wanting to hold onto the railings because it would be a sign of weakness. This was just a bobble…I’m still hoping to see him break something.

LSL: Stuff like this happens every time a little girl tries to skip down the stairs. Thank goodness he didn’t break his freakin’ neck and end up like Stephen Hawking. I can dream, can’t I.

theycallmeNero: Glad he didn’t fall and get terminally injured…we don’t need another holiday to honor a turd in a punch bowl.

Outlaw_Josey_Wales: Returning home from an all men foursome, Obama almost tumbled down the stairs of Air Force One.

Of course not to be outdone, Fox News responders provided their own special brand of commentary on the subject:

Commnav: Dodging sniper fire?????

TexasMyCountry: Too bad he didn’t break his neck.

Palawan: That’s a shame he didn’t trip and break his FN neck falling down the stairs.

Grandpa1959: Nearly is not good enough. Full frontal tumble, thump, thump, splat is more like it.

Marting515: Why couldn’t he have fallen, smashed his head and be brain dead? Oh wait, he’s already brain dead.

Kenyanhunter: Can’t we catch a lucky break and have him fall on his head ?

drwho4: D a m n…too bad he couldn’t have some pain like the kind is giving the rest of the country!

Stork1938: The “ ghetto roll “ is difficult to do on steps !

Howie444Brown: America was almost saved ………. Glad it didn’t happen though – Bush would have gotten blamed for it – again

Arcticdude1: Dang, almost!

Duncan2dog: Too bad he didn’t break his neck.

Bigengineman: damn,, almost

Airvet1968: If he fell and broke his neck, that would have been Classic instant Karma

ustruth: There goes a missed opportunity.

The design of this post is not to assign motive to these deep-thinking Americans, patriots all, I’m sure. Rather it is to cite for the record, in one place, the fervor and tenor of responses generated by even the most benign actions by our Commander-in-Chief. “President Obama Stumbles: Haters Rue Missed Opportunity!”

I’m done; holla back!

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