What’s Next? I Can Only Tell You What’s Not!

It’s time to Break It Down!

So as we wind down week one in a post Donald Trump election world, an interesting phenomenon has emerged. A host of Trump surrogates and supporters have come forward in a fairly haughty way to dismissively ask what is the abundance of anti-Trump vitriol all about, and why don’t folks just get over themselves and their petty opposition to Donald Trump? After all he did win; now he has a mandate to “Make This Country Great Again.”

President Obama and Hillary Clinton have both urged America the collective to move ahead and help facilitate the peaceful transition of power, which is after all, what we do here in these United States. The President and Mrs. Clinton are in a very real way obliged to do just that.  I respect their appeal.

Obama really must do this because George W. Bush did the same for him, and also because the forty-two Presidents who preceded President Bush artfully handed the baton to their successors as well. As for Mrs. Clinton, if her decades of public service have trained her to do anything, it is, as Kipling said in verse two of his well-know poem, “If”:

“If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;

If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim,

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken

Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,

And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools;”

As a Governor’s wife, as America’s First Lady, as the Junior Senator from New York, and as the Secretary of State of the United States, Hillary Clinton, indeed, has earned her share of kudos, and met with more Triumph than most. Alas, as one of the final two candidates vying for the Democratic Party’s Nomination in 2008, and as the Party Nominee in 2016, she has engendered Disaster on a level the vast majority of Americans will never know.

In 2008 she gave a gracious concession speech and subsequently worked with fervor to help Barack Obama secure victory in the race for the Presidency. She then joined the Obama Administration and served as Secretary of State during his first term in office. She has established, I think, that she has the wherewithal to win, and to lose, and still maintain a laser-like focus on perfecting our Union. So as we transition, be it smoothly, or more likely fitfully, into a Trump Administration, in the grand scheme of things, we will do it peacefully.

But hold on. I’m not Barack Obama, and I’m certainly not a 69-year-old white woman. So before we rush to embrace the suggestion that we just get over ourselves, at least before I do, let me be crystal clear, I reserve the right to vent. No, it is not my aim or intent to riot and create mayhem. I repeat, it’s not my aim or intent.

Americans of all stripes have an opinion about our President. And they should. President Obama has led our nation for 8 years, through tough times, and even though some refuse to admit it, through increasingly better times. Since 2009 we have transitioned from a Great Recession economy to:

  • An economy that hemorrhaged 800,000 jobs per month to an economic engine that has added private sector jobs for 73 consecutive months
  • An economy that has added over 15 million jobs
  • An economy that fostered the best over all jobs growth in 18 years
  • An economy that saw unemployment cut in half (from 9.8% in October 2010 to 4.9% in October 2016)
  • An economy in which his policies saved the American auto industry
  • An economy that was bolstered by his policies that reformed the banking system
  • An economy in which his policies led to the rebound of the housing sector
  • An economy that saw the strongest dollar in three decades
  • An economy that cut the Bush era deficit by two-thirds, over a $trillion
  • An economy that saw the Dow rise from a tepid 7,949 in January 2009 to record levels of over 18,000, reaching 18,923 yesterday

In addition to all things economy, POTUS pushed through the historic Affordable Care Act which transported 20 million Americans from the desert of no health insurance to the Promised Land of Health Care that eliminated pre-existing conditions clauses, keeping children under age 26 on their parents policy, preventing discriminatory higher costs for women, adding an annual free wellness visit, and introducing a feature to hold insurers accountable for premium increases of 10% or more. In the arena of foreign policy, he wound down and or decreased America’s level of participation in multiple wars, resumed formal relations with Cuba, and negotiated a historical accord with Iran that diminished their nuclear arsenal, and reduced their capacity to produce a nuclear warhead. Thank you President Obama.

It is my belief that those accomplishments, which are by no means part of an exhaustive list, ensure that Mr. Obama will be viewed among the list of most substantial Presidents. Here is where I must note; his legacy would be greatly expanded were it not for a concerted pact among Republicans to obstruct every initiative he proposed. But the disrespect did not end there, as if that were not enough.

In and out of the halls of government, President Obama, who won the Presidency twice, clenching both the popular vote and the Electoral College by the way, was called a lie by Congressman Joe Wilson, of South Carolina, as he spoke to a joint session of Congress, he had his citizenship questioned by the Birther Movement, which was for all practical purposes led by Donald Trump, and he and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, were routinely mocked and called names by normal citizens, and government officials. He was called a Muslim, which in and of itself should not be a problem, and a Socialist, despite his Democratic Party affiliation, among a host of other things, the vast majority of which were distinctly unflattering.

Just recently, a West Virginia public official and a Town Mayor were involved in trading Facebook comments in which one referred to Mrs. Obama as an “Ape in heels,” while the other co-signed. And this does not stop with little known individuals of whom you have never heard. Trump pretty much single-handedly kept the Birther Movement going long after it was widely accepted that the effort was a bogus initiative, designed to delegitimize the President. That makes it all the more noteworthy that Donald Trump did not concede President Obama was born in America until two months ago, September 16, 2016.

It is in that context I reflect upon the calls to move forward, to get over it, to accept the outcome of an election in which the Trump said in advance, he would accept the outcome…if he won, and who claimed before voting began in most places that the election was rigged, the media was biased for his opponent, and that cheaters were trying to steal the election (from him).

So allow me to summarize quickly. Republicans spent eight years disrespecting, demonizing, trying to delegitimize, and obstruct President Obama. I believe one conservative radio personality’s comment as President Obama began his first term was, “I hope he fails.” The Senate Majority Leader declared his top priority was to make President Obama a one term President. But now I’m told we should “Come together to support our President Trump…because his success is our success.” Really? It’s been 8 days for Mr. Trump, and after 8 years President Obama continues to be targeted by obstruction, verbal assaults, and other insults. Puhleeze! Let me coin a new term. This is the epitome of “hyper-hypocrisy.”

I have felt for some time, unlike many of my friends, that I’m glad President Obama and the First Lady are seeing their tenure in the people’s White House come to an end. I do not wish for even a moment that he could serve a 3rd term. America the exceptional has not earned the moniker when it comes to its treatment of our President, which has been despicable. I do not want the “Hatriots” to have the opportunity to engage in such reindeer games for even one more moment. What’s Next? I Can Only Tell You What’s Not!” Appeasement.

I’m done; holla back!

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