Trump’s First 100 Days: A Plethora of Activity, A Paucity of Accomplishments (One Man’s View)

It’s time to Break It Down!

While I spent a fair amount of time leading up to the 2016 National Election discussing politics, including the Democratic and Republican fields of candidates, and ultimately the two finalists, I have written less about politics in general, and virtually nothing about the eventual winner, since the Inauguration. That was a conscious decision, of course. Moreover, though I do not presage a permanent shift moving forward, I am making an exception for today.

As we all know, Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. And, unless you’ve been in a cave, you know Saturday marked 100 days of his Presidency. I will not be attempting to entertain you with some fanciful (and I believe false) narrative that explains how despite all the less than spectacular assessments of his performance, he has somehow exceeded expectations. I’ll leave that to Fox and Friends. So if that’s what you need, or more pointedly, if that’s what you require, I’ve generously provided a heads up on where you can turn.

Having stipulated that, the President did hold on to the SCOTUS balance that existed prior to the death of former Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, with the successful confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. He’s also rolled back some regulations he maintains help business (though a number of ordinary Americans view them as anti-consumer). As a candidate #45 made numerous boasts and promises. Among them was the oft-repeated assertion that we (the people) would win so much we would become tired of winning. Hold that thought.

On Saturday, October 22, 2016, Candidate Trump traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the site of the 16th President’s (Lincoln) most famous speech, to make a pitch of his own. In a facility named for former President Eisenhower, and on land irrevocably tied to Lincoln, Trump extolled his vision for the first hundred days of a Trump Administration. You can click on the final link below to see what he served up.

In this post, I’m going to keep it short, and much simpler. On the real, here’s what you need to know, vis-à-vis #45 and many of his boastful promises. I understand, fully, that by and large his supporters couldn’t care less about the things he claimed he’d do, versus those he hasn’t done, or hasn’t done yet. For you, he’s a jolly good fellow. I get it. For everyone else, there’s this:

  • As noted earlier, he won…yet he has not released his taxes
  • Hillary is not in jail
  • Mexico is not paying for the wall
  • The Muslim ban (or pause, if you insist) has been rebuffed by the federal judiciary
  • Obamacare has not been repealed & replaced
  • China has not been labeled a currency manipulator
  • No plan to destroy ISIS was produced in 30 days
  • NAFTA has not been overturned…or renegotiated
  • The U.S. has not withdrawn from NATO
  • We have not torn up or exited the Iran Nuclear Agreement
  • The Wall Street-to-Washington Swamp has not been drained
  • He has not sued all those female accusers (as far as we know)

I could go on, but hopefully, you get the point. If you don’t, methinks you’re just not trying hard enough. One of Trump’s frequently used phrases, both as a candidate, and since January 20th, is, “People are saying.” If you’ll allow me a “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” moment, I must note, people are saying the Trump Administration has been characterized by chaos and incompetence.

In assembling an administrative team composed largely of individuals who’ve never served at any level, or in any capacity of government, it is easy to argue that many of his cabinet members are competent, and frankly ill suited for their current roles. This disconnect, has consistently led to dissention, disruption, and disorder. Trump surrogates and supporters push back, insisting that, on one hand, Trump voters wanted someone who would break the status quo, and on the other hand, that his slow-going is due to having been a businessman, and not having governmental experience. As someone who is not guilty of being able to contemplate two distinct, if not opposing thoughts, at once, I concede both of those things may be true. That however, does not mean We The People are well served by both…or either. In fact, our day-to-day experiences, to date, suggest we most certainly are not.

I cited above a list of things Trump has not done. But every coin has a flip side. In that light, a few things he has done include:

  • Claimed his was the largest Inaugural in history. It wasn’t.
  • Promised Ivanka would not serve the country in an official capacity. She does.
  • Insisted President Obama wiretapped him. He didn’t

Suffice it to say, neither of these lists is exhaustive. But both are emblematic of the propensity and frequency with which this President seems to just say things that, to paraphrase David Broder in a New York Times article, “Are not so much an indication that he isn’t well informed; but that he is prodigiously learned in the sort of knowledge that doesn’t accord with the facts of our current dimension.” My Star Trek Translator boils that down to, “That dude lies like a Ferengi.” To be clear, Mr. Broder did not add that translation.

Who knows? Perhaps Team Trump will consider this list and re-double its efforts to make it happen in some cases. I certainly do not expect any of his supporters, surrogates, or voters to abandon him. I know there is nothing any of that lot could have said to make me withdraw my support for President Obama when he was POTUS. I extend kudos to them for their loyalty…even if it is misplaced.

Circling back to Candidate Trump’s boasts about winning until we get tire of winning, no mas! I don’t know about you, but if this is winning, I’m tired. That’s pretty much all I got…”Trump’s First 100 Days: A Plethora of Activity, A Paucity of Accomplishments (One Man’s View)!”

I’m done; holla back!

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s First 100 Days: A Plethora of Activity, A Paucity of Accomplishments (One Man’s View)

  1. Are you emailing a copy of this to #45? He should read this and then close his Twitter account.\Hope all is well.Will you be joining us next week for our 55th anniversary?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thx Cynthia!

      Of course, you know that’s not #45’s style. In the unlikely event he read my post, he’d just try to tweetshame me in the wee hours of the morning. LOL!

      No, unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend. It is my 45th though, and having attended the 40th, I am struck deeply by how quickly 5 years have passed.

      Hope it’s a great event!


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