‘Tis The Season: Elections Have Consequences!

‘Tis The Season: Elections Have Consequences!

Yesterday was Primary Election Day in four states, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and my native North Carolina. For all practical purposes, this is the kick-off of the much ballyhooed midterm election season. I will not be casting the primaries into any kind of framework suitable for extensive review and analysis. In fact, this post is not so much about any or all of the elections, but rather about you, and your civic duty.

It’s a short blog, with one very specific message. Vote! That’s it.

No matter where you fall along the political and ideological spectrum, you should have no dearth of motivation to exercise your franchise. There are enough compelling bases to go around.

In the event you fancy yourself a Trump supporter, the coming election contests, both primaries and the general election, represent the opportunity to solidify what so many of you characterize as solid gains that put us (America) on the right track after nearly a decade of having been lost in the Obama-fashioned wilderness. At least that is a kinder, gentler way of expressing the dire nature of our current situation, based on the conservative commentary that I hear articulated on Fox News, that I see in my news feed, and that I hear when I am in conversation with my conservative and right-leaning associates. I suppose that’s a tautology. So be it; it’s a short post. 😉

Conversely, if you are alarmed by the systematic undoing of all things Obama, which Mr. Trump has engaged in for the last 403 days, or so, you’ve got more than a little impetus to drive you to your assigned polling place. If you are concerned by the penchant of the GOP-led House & Senate to endorse and support Trumpism, even when he declares that there are very fine people on both sides (despite the fact that one side is comprised of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis), you ought to be fired up…and ready to go…Vote. If you are reeling from Trump referring to African nations and Haiti as “s-hole” countries, you have an ample trigger to get your vote on. If you are tripping because the President of the United States, presumably the most powerful man in the world, called African American Athletes SOB’s, for exercising their Constitutional right to kneel during the National Anthem before football games, you d… sure ought to be provoked beyond measure to vote your conscious, and to do so, as often as the occasion presents itself.

In summary if you live in IN, OH, WV, or NC, I hope you voted yesterday. Moreover, I implore you to vote whenever your own primary rolls around, if you don’t live in one of those four states, and of course, no, make that especially, by all means, vote in your state’s general election in November.  Remember, “Tis The Season: Elections Have Consequences!”

I’m done; holla back!

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