Addressing Women: A Recurring Theme

It’s time to Break It Down!

These are curious times. Nationally, we operate under the arc of a man who burnished his reputation by promising to “Make America Great Again (MAGA). He has fashioned, indelibly, his own style of doing so. The people who support him credit him with reviving the economy, making better trade deals, and of course, cutting taxes. Never mind that the economy has been steadily rebounding for at least six years, a large part of the new trade deals are revisions of the pacts that preceded them, and the tax breaks preponderantly benefited the wealthiest Americans, and contributed to a 17% increase in the Deficit, due to the resulting decrease in revenues.

But none of those things are the crux of this post. I want to briefly note the propensity of Donald to Trump to publicly denigrate women. That is not to say that all women dislike him. In fact, there are at least a couple, Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders, who defend him mightily, and frequently.

Nevertheless, despite their boundlessly exuberant protestations, Mr. Trump often tends to make statements that, at the very least, lead to questioning their credulity. Here are 12 examples of his “special” way of addressing women. This list is not a top twelve, and is not in the order of occurrence. It’s just a dozen of many more:

  1. Stephanie Clifford, A.K.A. Stormy Daniels:

“Great, now I can go after Horseface and her 3rd rate lawyer in the great state of Texas,” Trump taunted in a tweet yesterday in the wake of the decision he won. “She will confirm the letter she signed! She knows nothing about me, a total con!”

  1. Alicia Machado:

He accused her of gaining too much weight after the Miss Universe competition and referred to her as “Miss Housekeeping” — a seemingly racist dig at her Venezuela roots — and “Miss Piggy.”

  1. Rosie O’Donnell:

“She announced last week that she suffers from depression,” he said during a 2007 speech. “They call me for comment and rather than saying ‘I have no comment’ or ‘isn’t that too bad, oh that’s so bad,’ I said, ‘I think I can cure her depression,’ — most of you heard of this. ‘If she stopped looking in the mirror, I think she’d stop being so depressed.”

  1. Arianna Huffington:

Trump has also targeted media executive Arianna Huffington for her outward appearance — in 2012 he called her “unattractive both inside and out.”

“I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man,” he continued. “He made a good choice.”

  1. Hillary Clinton:

Trump also seized on Clinton’s looks throughout the 2016 election and similarly claimed she did not have the right look to be president.

“I just don’t think she has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look,” he said during a Sept. 6 interview with Lester Holt. “She also doesn’t have the stamina.”

A month later at a rally in North Carolina, Trump said he “wasn’t impressed” when the former secretary of state walked in front of him during one of their debates.

  1. Heidi Cruz:

Amid the 2016 elections, Trump shared an unflattering photo of Ted Cruz’s wife alongside a photo of Melania Trump.

“A picture’s worth a thousand words,” the meme was captioned.

The insulting tweet came on the heels of an anti-Trump ad commissioned by a super PAC — not affiliated with the Cruz campaign — which shows the first lady posing nude in a shoot for GQ magazine.

  1. California Representative Maxine Waters:

“Low I.Q.”

  1. Mika Brzezinski:

“Dumb as a rock”,“Crazy”,“low I.Q.”,“bleeding badly from a face-lift”, “had a mental breakdown while talking about me”, “crazy and very dumb”, “very insecure”,“not very bright”, “neurotic”and “wild with hate”.

  1. NY Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:

“Someone who would come to my office ‘begging’ for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them)”.

10. Then Fox News host Megan Kelly:

“Blood coming out of her wherever.”

11. Omarosa Manigault Newman:

“When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General (John) Kelly for quickly firing that dog!,” Trump wrote on Twitter, referring to his chief of staff.

12. The Billy Bush tapes:

“You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” He went on to say, “Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

We have had 45 Presidents. Suffice it to say, we have never had one that built this kind of public record regarding his views toward women. While my inclination is to pray we never have another, I understand that not everyone will agree. And that’s OK. For now, I encourage you to reflect upon Trump…Addressing Women: A Recurring Theme!

I’m done; holla back!

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