Trump Through The Eyes Of A Supporter: Things You Need To Know

It’s time to Break It Down!

Happy Vernal Equinox! Last week the ACC Tournament was in full swing. This week, the NCAA Tourney commences. Another week, another Tournament; this one lasts the better part of three weeks. GO HEELS! OK, OK, the NIT also kicks off this week.

Now that I got that out of the way, permit me to introduce you to a story I’ve been trying to tell for more than two years, but today, I do so from the perspective of a true believer, instead of my cynical self. In short, I have been arguing since 45’s election that his supporters are there for the long haul, and the factors that allowed him to succeed in 2016, can, and may, for all practical purposes, replicate themselves in 2020. Oh yeah, and rest assured, he’ll be in play in 2020. No investigative report is going to prevent that.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote an opinion piece that was published yesterday on Hanson is a Stanford Ph. D., professor emeritus of Classics at California State University, Fresno, and currently a Senior Fellow in classics and military history at Stanford University‘s Hoover Institution. His other pursuits include farmer and columnist. It is, of course, in this latter capacity in which Dr. Hanson was operating when he penned the subject column that appeared under the heading, “What progressives should know about Trump voters.”

Hanson is a conservative and a Trump booster who has also written a pro-Trump tome, published this year, entitled, “A Case for Trump. ”Predictably, Mr. Trump praised the book. In his book, Dr. Hanson defends Trump’s insults and vile language as “uncouth authenticity”, and praises Trump for “an uncanny ability to troll and create hysteria among his media and political critics.

One unimpressed detractor, Washington Post book critic Carlos Lozada, noted the book “focuses less on the case for Trump than on the case against everyone else,” in particular attacking Hillary Clinton. As a Trump supporter, it comes as no surprise that Hanson was an Obama critic. But I digress.

In yesterday’s opinion, Hanson enumerated 10 points adopted by consensus and uniformly endorsed by all who view the world according to Donald Trump. The complete commentary can be viewed by clicking the first link below. Here are the 10 points in summary form:

  1. Voters appreciate the strong economy.
  2. Many Trump supporters, who dislike his antics, hate Democrats even more.
  3. Despite his being crass and uncouth, he has expressed concerns that resonate with that part of the country often referred to as flyover states
  4. While some view him as callous, his supporters see him as authentic
  5. Even when he stumbles, Trump’s supporters have established they will, in most instances, continue to stick with him.
  6. His supporters view the plethora of negative news stories about Trump as part of a sustained effort to remove or delegitimize him.
  7. What-abouitism. TrumpWorld notes that, ”while in office,” trump has not had the kind of peccadilloes that marked Kennedy’s, or Clinton’s tenure. They observe further, that while his language is blunt, so was that of Truman and LBJ.
  8. Much like #3 above, his supporters believe elites, the deep state, or the universal “they” are at once condemnatory, yet ignorant of the plight of those who reside in flyover country.
  9. All things considered, his supporters view the Trump family circle as tight and strong.
  10. To Trump supporters, his rants and rambling are as engaging as JFK, (Bill) Clinton, or Obama; definitely not flat, like Bob Dole, Mitt Romney…or (Hillary) Clinton.

To be sure, the items above are the thoughts of one individual. Yet, they reflect the Borg-like mindset of TrumpWorld. Is it possible that, even if true, there will not be enough synergy to re-create a lightening strike in the exact same spot? Do you really want to just whistle in the dark and take that chance? If you don’t have any friends, family members, or acquaintances that are Trump supporters (that you know…because I guarantee you, you have some), you should add some, or at least one, to your circle. Stay grounded my friends.

Enjoy opening week of the NCAA’s. However, in your more sober moments, think about Trump Through the Eyes of a Supporter: Things You Need to Know!”

I’m done; holla back!

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