Racism: The Source of So Much Angst and Faux Indignation

It’s time to Break It Down!

This is a really short post. In part because nearly everything that can be said about the subject has already been stated or written, ad infinitum, and in part because, for today anyway, as Shakespeare’s Polonius said in Hamlet, “brevity is the soul of wit.”

Being called racist seems to infuriate Trump and his supporters. Perhaps more so than any other appellation, they hate it. At least they say they do. Much has been written, and at least an equal or greater amount said about this matter. The thing is, it’s all a sham, a straw man, if you will. As 2020 approaches, there is a good chance racist will displace deplorable as the term which Trump supporters, surrogates, and sycophants most feign umbrage over being called.

They have developed memes and social media posts, along with a wide array of defenses and other means of pushing back. When it comes to this topic, they have elevated affecting wounded bird syndrome due to the cognomen to an art form. Here’s the thing. In my humble opinion there is a supremely simple solution.

Do not say, do not do, do not tweet, do not defend, do not rationalize, do not ignore, and oh yeah, do not retweet racist things. There’s one more. If perchance, you slip up, or flat out fail at one or more of the aforementioned do not do’s, do not deflect and accuse others of being racist for calling you out for your transgression.

Follow those clear, concise and direct instructions, and I am 100% certain the incidences of people employing the r-word to describe you, or your favorite elected official will quickly, and I might add, not mysteriously, decline to zero. Boom! “Racism: The Source of So Much Angst and Faux Indignation!”

I’m done; holla back!

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