Debating Our Future: Round One

It’s time to Break It Down!

Last night, Donald Trump and Joe Biden kicked off the next segment of this Election year, Debate Season. I will stipulate from the outset, what students and fans of the process will consider anathema. I didn’t watch. Clearly, saying that foreshadows this as a short post.

For those of you who did, I invite your feedback. You can find my posts, including this one, at WordPress, FaceBook, Linkedin, and at my Twitter account. Feel free to tell me what I missed…and if you like, why I should have watched. I look forward to hearing from you.

In addition to my Wall, I frequently post my work on numerous FB sites, many of which dissuade political posts. And I get that. There are myriad sites that encourage political discourse, and typically, when I’m discussing political topics, I post on them. Today, I want to cite my position. Clear-eyed and resolutely, I have not one scintilla of doubt about for whom I will be voting. Here’s a newsflash. I also seriously doubt there is a substantive number of eligible voters whom, at this late date, are undecided.

Frequently over the last four years, I’ve noted the chasm between left and right leaning political interests in this country is deep and wide. If anything, if possible, it is deepening, and getting wider. Yes, there are independents. But frankly, in my opinion, given our individual and collective experiences of the last four years, most rational observers have seen enough to decide for whom they are going to vote. They may wish they had different choices, but of the two available…they know.

Having said all that, if you know me, you undoubtedly know where I will land. I will be sharing that before Election Day. At the moment, there are three additional scheduled debates, two between Trump and Biden, and one between Pence and Harris. I’m not committing to watching any of them, or even mentioning them again. But I did want to reference it today to make it clear that my not writing about it, or even watching it, was intentional. The one enduring message that I wish to underscore today is that if you are an American, this country belongs to you. If you are interested in embracing the framer’s initial design, you will engage in perfecting the Union. With 34 days left until Election Day, the best way to personally participate in perfecting our Union is to exercise your franchise and VOTE, whether early, or by mail, or by dropping off your Absentee Ballot, or of course, by going to your precinct and voting on November 3rd“Debating Our Future: Round One!”

I’m done; holla back!

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