In Someone’s Mind, “This” Is Appropriate Behavior

It’s time to Break It Down!

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Socialists, Democrats, Liberals, the mainstream media, and the deep state…the boogiemen, and promulgaters of the Seven Deadly Sins igniting the diminution of the American social fabric, according to the orthodoxy of the rightwing and its noxious rhetoric and relentless talking points. If you listen to many conservatives, they argue the cause of every negative impact on America’s quest for greatness emanates from one of those aforementioned catalysts. By and large, the right also denies the existence of systemic racism, and often insists, that if racism does exist, it’s trained on white Americans.

Ms. Cynthia A. Johnson, who happens to be Black, is a Michigan state Representative who blasted Republicans for inviting Rudy Giuliani to hold a hearing last week featuring witnesses who allegedly observed voter fraud. Sidebar: Mr. Giuliani and the Trump legal team have filed numerous lawsuits in swing states across the country, forty or more in total. To date they have won one, which allowed observers to watch from a closer vantage point than election officials had previously permitted. It should be noted, that while Messrs. Trump, Giuliani, and Company have publicly alleged voter fraud in their arguments in front of cameras, at rallies, and press conferences; in court, where the standards for such claims require actual proof, they have consistently made other lesser, and almost always, ineffective, and/or unproved claims. Hence the rejection of nearly all but one of the suits, including a failed attempt yesterday in the SCOTUS, in the Case of Kelly, Mike, ET AL. V. Pennsylvania, ET AL., in which the High Court dismissed the action with a single simple declarative sentence:

“The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.”

Not a paragraph, not two sentences, not even 20 words, and no dissenting votes acknowledged. Just 18 words. It was more than boy bye. But not much, and to be sure, pretty much meant the same thing.

Be all that, as it may, back to Ms. Johnson. For a couple of days, she has been inundated with calls from disgruntled denizens of TrumpWorld. According to a Facebook post with 10 screenshots, which Johnson referred to as a sampling, she was doxed, and berated with racial and threatening taunts. The sharpest barbs combined both; for example:

“You should be swinging from a f—— rope, you Democrat,” one woman said in a voice mail laced with racial slurs, according to Johnson’s Facebook post linking to a recording of the message.

At his point, it must be noted that This sort of response was not reserved for Ms. Johnson, nor was it relegated to Michigan. Similar responses have occurred in most, if not all of the swing states (AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, & WI), and death threats were received by Democrats and Republicans, Blacks and Whites alike. Clearly, in Trump they trust, and if you are not for him, they are against you. Well, maybe. We’ll see if they actually act out in such a manner toward members of the SCOTUS.

Here’s the thing. This is not the work of…Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Socialists, Democrats, Liberals, the mainstream media, or the deep state. This is Team MAGA. Just remember, among them, “In Someone’s Mind, “This” Is Appropriate Behavior!”

I’m done; holla back!

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