Impeachment Round 2: This Time Is Different

It’s time to Break It Down!

Today, in all likelihood, Donald John Trump will claim another dubious page in the annals of American History. The United States House of Representatives is on a path to impeach Mr. Trump on the charge of “incitement of insurrection.” That will render him the first, and we must hope, the forever only, President to be impeached twice. Last night, the House approved a resolution calling for Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump. Pence has said he is uninclined to do that, and he does not feel it is the appropriate action to take. Democrats have indicated, if Pence refuses to act, they will impeach Trump. The House adjourned until 9:00 a.m. this morning when they are expected to take up impeachment. Unlike last time, the effort is expected to receive a measure of bi-partisan (read that Republican) support. At least two Republicans, Liz Cheney (Wyoming) and Adam Kinzinger (Illinois) have signaled they are likely to support the measure. Maybe more.

A week ago, Mr. Trump gave a speech, during which he urged thousands of his supporters to walk down to the Capitol and “act with strength” to take back their government. His own sentiments were preceded by fiery remarks from Missouri Congressman Mo Brooks, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and First elder son, Donald Trump, Jr., among others. Mr. Trump’s incendiary comments were presaged by two months of repudiated and debunked claims that the 2020 Election was stolen, and that he actually won in a landslide. His provocative gaslighting was repeatedly rejected and/or disproved by vote recounts, in excess of 60 court cases, anchored by numerous Trump appointed Judges, including 3 he appointed to the SCOTUS, results certification in all 50 states, and vote validity confirmation by several GOP Governors, Secretaries of State, and election supervisors. In short, Mr. Trump lost the popular vote by over 7 million votes, and in the Electoral College by 306 to 232.

What happened? In short, after Mr. Trump implied he’d be joining them, he was driven back to the White House for one of his favorite pastimes, watching the events unfold on TV, while his trusty fans, followers, and fealty pledgers marched forthwith to the Capitol and instantly began to wreak havoc and mayhem on the fully assembled Congress of the United States, and his protégé, Mike Pence, as the joint session of Congress convened with the express purpose of certifying and confirming Joe Biden as President, and Kamala Harris as Vice President. Over the ensuing week, investigators have been busy dissecting the elements of what Trump’s most avid acolytes call a patriotic act, and what most of the rest of call a high crime, committed by a ruthless band of domestic terrorists.

Upon deeper inspection, it turns out, this group was not merely a loose collection of foot soldiers marching down to the Capitol to show devout support for its dear leader. These were men and women on a mission, armed with insider intel, and boosted by officials set to aid and abet their nefarious effort. As news continues to unravel the events, we now know that at least one elected Congressman was part of the invading horde, and that as many as 20 or more members of law enforcement were complicit in the attack. The FBI even indicated that they issued a warning the day before the incursion that extremists were planning to travel to Washington and commit acts of violence and war.

In True Trump form, he insists that, as with his erstwhile questionable calls, his speech was perfect. Likewise, his supporters fervently argue, the handiwork at the Capitol was not the action of Trump supporters, but rather the deviously desperate devices of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. As I told a Trump supporting friend, even Judge Janine Pirro and other fixtures at Fox News, along with a number of GOP Congressmen and women concede the miscreants were in fact, Trump supporters. When you’re stuck with denying the obvious, you’ve lost both the high ground, and more importantly, the argument.

History is sure to be replete with more than a few books about last week’s events. On one hand Americans will be reminded that one day in January, 2021, voters elected dual Democratic Senators from the state of Georgia, one Black, one Jewish, both firsts. On the other hand, they will be reminded of the un-American activities that unfolded the very next day (technically, later the same day, since both races were called after midnight. The latter event will undoubtedly be known as many things; a crime, a conspiracy, a coup attempt, sedition, insurrection, and as unfettered lawlessness which resulted in the death of at least 5 Americans, including two members of law enforcement, as well as an attempt to locate and murder Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Trump’s own #2, Mike Pence.

Republicans will vote to impeach Donald Trump today, when none did in 2019. The fact that Individual 1 took actions that at least some of them perceived, could have resulted in their having been killed, will be sufficient motivation to change their tune, if not to sing an entirely different song. It’s too bad that epiphany required them to face their own mortality. But, as Mr. Trump has been known to say, “it is what it is.” The former is story of Americana at its best; overcoming great odds to succeed. The latter is the saga that gave birth to”Impeachment Round 2: This Time Is Different!”

I’m done; holla back!

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1 thought on “Impeachment Round 2: This Time Is Different

  1. For 500 years America has been flawed no longer can claim to be united we might as well kill that lie if this had happen I britians there would been blood shed and no tears. America is mixed up the confusion comes from millions of ancestors living off that slave dollar black bought to America a country deep in disgrace of killing leaders like Kennedy and king to shut down blacks from ever rising using finals Trump as a hero. Knowing d am well Trump family legacy started with slavery too. That’s why they need a rich man as a rally cry . Because usually rich whites frown on poor racist white who only strength came from military stint they sent 20,000 of their white sons to fight to keep slavery in America and failed to day that fail has opened the window to more of their ghost of territorist..sons still fighting to oppress blacks but free Mexicans to build America while white men hold the $$ bag
    They can’t and want even hire blacks on jobs cause their new democracy is not about equality unless you born Lilly white and yet these poor whites are still fighting for country that was never theirs to fight over ..Columbus a white man never discovered America yet they put that lie in a history book? But could put the passage selling of humans all them 20, 000 or more hangings of black innocent ..a while holocaust. That if they wanted to give a sh’@t they would od paid for better black community’s and free education for blacks noooo that is advancing us above the poor white man who has always ran the economy! Contractor. Factory owners trucking company now millionaire still passed off at wealthy smart blacks who he education but not power yet
    B l ask lives matter scared the he’ll out of them cause they realize how much more intelligent blacks are. Lol is not the only power group in USA. Now that Trump is in line for impeachment
    He will pay back all he paid to get in that seat. Of course he has used money decades to lavish his family in wealth n power savage lies on his patriot effort to free blacks? Lincoln beat him to that 200 years ago !! I feel sorry for whites who wanna side with blacks now to bring down what they still believe in. Inequality
    Just a fantasy to sleep better
    Evey last white even sleeping with blacks allowed this mercy. Dirty history not one changed it in a book! 79% still don’t want to live near blacks and view us worst then Mexicans illegals. They will invite a illegal in their homes to rock their babies. Cut the grass criminal record Neva checked
    But deny a black to ride down I wn their street without shooting in the back or calling police
    The reason they called the police is they are the same ones who
    Shoot black for nothing! Why not call them? The history use to be you call them on a black he come out and guns drawn!!! They sit back and laugh 🤣 now its failing
    They getting shamed on social media. Those are the angry mobs on congress doorstep rallying for the rights they never had!!! Trump is a patsy. Wool sheep in wolf clothes. Living because he assumed those America’s who voted was 99% for him. More blacks off from jobs due to cover and whites who hate Trump took aim at bouncing him out. He had to go !!
    And the nuts who swear he’s Hero is trapped in 1855 year
    Where white men ruled with a whip. Sorry our black race just woke the helk up ND started enlightening the new generation who voted last year with pride
    Cause pride you caN only get if you understand how the white races as butchered the morality of America 500 years now


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