Final Grade: I for Incomplete

It’s time to Break It Down!

There are those among my family and friends who rue each time I write or post about 45. I have a relative who claims to read all my posts, but readily adds the caveat, unless it’s about “him.” I get it; really, I do. But here’s the deal. We view the situation through different lenses. They are, understandably, fatigued by the half decade of constant coverage that he enjoyed, or tolerated, depending upon the media outlet in question. Or they are just not into the whole political sphere. Respect. They have a point, and I appreciate it.

I really do. I merely subscribe to a different view. Let me begin by stipulating that 45 didn’t invent racism. Moreover, he is not singularly responsible for the array of poxes that infect his party. However, a choir boy, he is not. Meanwhile, the GOP has circled the wagons to form what amounts to a virtual order of protection for its Consigliere.

Supporters of 45 stormed the Capitol on January 6th. It is the kind of action that in a bygone era might reasonably have resulted in a vigorous and enthusiastic case of he said, she said. That is, were it not for the undeniable proviso that the crux of the matter unfolded in real time, and unlike Gil Scott-Heron’s “Revolution,” televised. To that end, hundreds of millions of people, in America, and around the world saw it, as it happened. Now, in a world in which facts, and logic ruled, that would have been enough to carry the day. It did not; so much for facts and logic.

Yesterday, The Senate released the most comprehensive bipartisan report on the attack, to date. Just last week, Republicans filibustered the creation of a bipartisan commission to examine the matter. Yesterday’s report contained several details that made it evident why a commission was needed, or…if you are 45, or his supporters, why they would want to employ any means necessary to ensure that no such commission be formed.

The 95-page report issued yesterday by a pair of Senate committees included a host of previously unknown details about the siege by 45’s loyalists attempting to subvert democracy. The document cited security failures, pertinent recommendations, logistical breakdowns, and several other lapses. This is where GOP intransigence, in the face of facts, reared its head.

According to Senate staffers speaking with CNN, Republicans required at least two critical concessions for their support for the report, including:

Not delineating what role former President Donald Trump played in the insurrection.

Exclusion of the word “insurrection.”

All of this transpired in an environment in which some members of a party 45 still dominates, continue to claim that the mob that trashed the Capitol, smashed windows and doors, crushed, attacked and injured police officers – including one who died – and called for the execution of Vice President Mike Pence, was as friendly as a group of tourists.

Absent the respect for facts and logic, previously referenced, millions of Republicans, at least say, they believe the absurd claim that, if there was a mob, it was comprised of 45’s foes. This, despite the fact the Capitol echoed with chants of “Fight for 45!” as rampaging attackers tried to keep the defeated one in power, and even though 45 praised his violent supporters (“We love you,” he said while the assault was in progress), calling them “very special” people.

The Homeland Security & Rules committees narrowed their focus to “security, planning and response failures” by law enforcement. Staffers noted, each word of the report was crafted to ensure that Republicans would sign on.

Let’s face it, most Republicans are not prepared to liberate themselves from their 45 shackles. An Orwellian imagination would be required to have predicted what the party has become, a gathering of sycophants who deny what they personally endured. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears,” he wrote in the dystopian novel “1984.” “It was their final, most essential command.” You can’t find, or even look for evidence…if your instructions demand that you reject it.

That’s why the GOP already blocked the plan for a full-scale 9/11-style commission, and also why I still choose to write about 45. We are at an inflection point on the future of our democracy. Yes, the Senate generated a bipartisan report on the 45 inspired insurrection. However, they refused to say that. Ergo, “Final Grade: I for Incomplete!”

I’m done; holla back!

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