Control The Narrative: How To Change The Subject

It’s time to Break It Down!

A couple of days ago the U.S. Supreme Court‘s long standing veil of pre-decision secrecy was pierced. According to a now confirmed leak, the 5 most conservative members of the Court, including the three Trump appointees are poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision, decided January 22, 1973, that makes some abortions legal in the United States. In publishing the first draft of the opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Politico broke with the Court’s longstanding protocols for security and secrecy.

For the past half-century, abortion, and abortion rights, or the lack thereof, have been among the most hotly contested, widely debated issues in the public policy sphere. Arc conservatives, neo-conservatives, and almost every other stripe assembled under the banner of conservatism have used almost every conceivable measure from civil debates to civil disobedience, to actually killing human beings…in the name of the pro-life movement. It seems oddly antithetical to the stated goal of preserving life, but like their support for unfettered access to guns and ammo, if they are for it, collateral damage doesn’t seem to resonate as anything more serious than a minor inconvenience. Just another way to “own the libs.”

Given the robust nature of the debate, and conservatives’ longstanding passion to achieve what now seems to be a likely victory, it smacks of disingenuousness to see and hear the nauseatingly hollow-ringing moaning and groaning about the source of the leak. Really? If ever there was a straw man, this lame argument steps to the head of the class. I wouldn’t put it past someone from the most conservative corner of the spectrum to have fed the intel into the public domain, specifically with the intent to render a preemptive strike on pro-choice forces, and dissipate early, any energy that might spontaneously ignite to mobilize public opinion, and more importantly, voters.

I could go on a long and laborious rant about the overwrought, under-sourced chorus of “Hillary and Trump are the same” assertions, and the counterpoint that even one Hillary term would have produced a remarkably different kind of Court. But that’s water under the bridge, or over the dam; whichever idiom you might prefer. At this point, preparing for the next round of races is essential. And, lest anyone has forgotten, in North Carolina anyway, voting has already begun. Any time and energy spent off topic, i.e., majoring in the minors, and/or minoring in the majors, is time wasted. Do not fall for the okey-doke. The likely overturning of the law is where the focus belongs. Misdirection such as this, is a long-practiced art of deception. “Control The Narrative: How To Change The Subject!”

I’m done; holla back!

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