Make America Great Again, Again (MAGAA): Trump Announces

It’s time to Break It Down!

Election ’22 has come and gone, for the most part. We know Democrats will control the Senate, Republicans will take the House, Dems claimed several State Houses (Governorships), the Macs, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell will face challenges for their leadership positions, there’s a good chance Nancy Pelosi will retire, and oh yeah, Donald Trump is running for President in 2024, having announced his third bid.

At roughly 9:20 PM ET, last night, Donald J. Trump did what you knew was inevitable. He announced his candidacy for the Presidency in 2024. Two years in the making, Mr. Trump asserted that he plans to re-take the White House in two years. He submitted that he would accomplish this great turnabout using the cudgel of freedom, values, individual responsibility, and common sense.

During his announcement, Trump reprised his earlier, 2016, America First branding. He, of course, did not originate the phrase. The term originally referred to a policy stance in the United States that generally emphasizes nationalism and non-interventionism. The term was coined a century earlier, by President Woodrow Wilson in his 1916 campaign that pledged to keep America neutral in World War I. It was re-purposed in 1940 when The America First Committee (AFC) was founded to oppose U.S. involvement in World War II. Of course, in retrospect, neither of those efforts succeeded.

The reactions to Mr. Trump’s announcement were varied, and dependent upon a wide array of perspectives. The Fox News cohort, by all appearances, was excited. His announcement was aired during Sean Hannity’s show, likely by design, and amplified during the (Laura) Ingraham Angle. At the other end of the spectrum, some key elements of the GOP spectrum are articulating the position that moderate Republicans and independents pulled away from their candidates during the midterms, because they were mean, or embroiled in chaos, or enmeshed in election denial, in effect, preventing the Party from achieving its long anticipated Red Wave. Finally, many Democrats find the prospect of a Trump candidacy an appealing one.

Pundits and media mavens alike have long speculated on whether Trump would run in 2024. I’ve long contended he would run again. Why wouldn’t he? In 2020, he attracted more votes than any presidential candidate in the history of Presidential candidates, except for his opponent, Joe Biden. Hubris alone would likely be enough motivation. From the outside looking in, Mr. Trump certainly has other considerations. 

One of the things Trump established during his four years in office was that he is adept at using the precepts of the justice system to avoid, or at least delay, prosecution. At this juncture, prosecutors in multiple states and jurisdictions are building cases against the former President, and that doesn’t even include the January 6 Committee (which admittedly will soon be disbanded, or the Department of Justice, which could take action against him. Team Trump has endeavored to put a pleasant face on the decision to run, suggesting that Ron DeSantis’ increasing momentum threatens to put Trump at a decided disadvantage, if he didn’t act quickly to expedite his run.

Add to Governor DeSantis’ popularity, there are actually a few Republican elected officials who assign blame to Trump for stifling GOP advances during the midterm. The main accusatory theory of the case is that election deniers found sledding particularly difficult in last week’s election. Obviously, election denialism has been Trump’s calling card since prior to the 2020 election…and, of course, very much so, since then. It’s nearly two years until the 2024 Election. There is no certainty that Trump will be his Party’s nominee. But let’s face it; it could happen…”Make America Great Again, Again (MAGAA): Trump Announces!”

I’m done; holla back!

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