Vote ’22 Part 3

It’s time to Break It Down!

It’s been three weeks since I last regaled you about the importance of voting. On November 8, the United States executed nation-wide elections, including all 435 House seats and 35 of 100 Senate seats. Democrats held onto 50 seats in the Senate, meaning they will retain control of the chamber, due to the tie-breaker vote wielded by Vice President Kamala Harris. Republicans have taken over the House with a slim majority. At this point, it appears the House will begin the 118th Congress on January 3rd with 434 members. Virginia Representative Donald McEachin died Monday, and will be replaced via a special election, as House members cannot be appointed. 

Next Tuesday, December 6th, Georgia will hold a Run-off Election, pitting Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock against Republican Herschel Walker.

How did we get here?

Georgia Election 2022 (Runoff)

When no candidate receives a majority of votes in the general election, a runoff between the top two vote-getters is required. The runoff election will be Tuesday, December 6, 2022. Statewide, voters will decide between incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and his challenger Herschel Walker for U.S. Senate. Some counties have down-ticket races as well.

A Democratic victory would nudge their advantage up to 51-49, while a Republican win would result in a 50-50 tie, which has been the status during the 117th Congress, the past two years. Technically, the Democrats will control the Senate, regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s Run-off. Still, Warnock’s seat is important.

The additional seat, which would provide a numerical advantage, avoiding a tie. This advantage would give Democrats an additional seat on Senate committees, and give them a majority, instead of a tie. That is useful on all committees, but it is especially critical on the committee that sends judges to the full Senate. Without that extra vote, Republicans can stall nominees in committee, and sometimes even derail their nomination.

If you’re thinking most of this information is geared toward Georgians, you are both insightful and correct. So, if you live in Georgia, or you know someone who lives in Georgia that is registered and eligible to vote, please encourage them to exercise their franchise, either by voting early, voting by absentee ballot, or by voting in person on Election Day. Finally, wherever you live, and regardless of where you live, if so inclined, send a contribution to Senator Warnock’s campaign. Thanks in advance for doing your part to secure our democracy…”Vote ’22 Part 3!”

I’m done; holla back!

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