Classified Docs: Biden’s Turn

It’s time to Break It Down!

I was prepared to write about the circus that unfolded at the Capitol last week, as Republicans manufactured dramatic theater in what I presumed, rightfully I can now say, to be a foregone conclusion…the selection of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. Yes, it took 15 ballots, but seriously, McCarthy got at least 200 votes in each one. No other Republican eclipsed 21. All others together never reached 30. Who else were they gonna elect? Hakeem Jeffries? Perish the thought. It was McCarthy’s to lose, and he had absolutely no incentive/motivation to quit. Some argued that he repeatedly allowed his own team to embarrassed him. Let the record show that after flying to Mar-A-Lago and kissing The Ring, he pretty much established his imperviousness to embarrassment. He was all-in, and committed to be Speaker, and submitting to prostration for the sport of his own team was most certainly not going to get in the way.

I accept all disagreement with my position on the subject, and file it in the category of, you’re entitled to your own opinion. Moving on. As noted, that was what I was going to focus on today. Was!

There is always news, worthy of investing time, contemplation, and discourse. That’s the case this week, like any week. Monday’s big reveal, that Confidential documents were found in one of President Biden’s private offices in Washington instantly topped my list. As a matter of course, it will be an immediate inflection point, and basis for GOP pivoting to talking points around investigations that they promised, even before they won a House Majority…if they won a House Majority, which of course, they did. Even though not in the ominous Red Wave they expected. But a Majority is a Majority.

Republicans will do their best to conflate Biden’s document problem with that of Mr. Trump. As a matter of politics, that dog hunts…for Republicans, desperate to move the spotlight away from last week’s theatrical shenanigans. But seriously?

Mr. Trump was “invited” by the National Archives, repeatedly, to return documents. An offer he alternately blithely ignored, disrespectfully declined, and at points defiantly refused. Then, his counsel, presumably at his direction, claimed “all” documents had been returned. They were not. Apparently, some still have not be returned.

Conversely, when President Biden was informed that documents were found in one of his offices, he is said to have self-reported, and ordered the docs returned. An investigation has already begun.

Based upon actions by the principals, there is no comparison. What about the metrics? 


At least 325 documents

60 top secret

Under investigation for obstruction

National Archives reached out to Trump’s lawyers (repeatedly)


10 documents

Some top secret

Lawyers found & alerted National Archives

U.S. Attorney (Trump Appointed by the way) conducting review

Finally, I am uninclined to lawyer for Biden. He’s a big boy who’s been in the game for decades. He can handle himself. That’s absolutely not the point of this quick overview. Rather, it’s to clarify a simple fact; it’s impossible to fairly evaluate the two situations without nuance and context. But that’s up to you. All I have to say is… “Classified Docs: Biden’s Turn!”

I’m done; holla back!

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